Smoke Control

We specialize in evaluating existing building smoke control systems and preparing inspection and testing protocols for systems where a testing plan was not established by the original design engineer.
The smoke control system assessments are generally reviewed using techniques described in MMAH Supplementary Standard SB-4, "Measures for Fire Safety in High Buildings", or Section 7.3 in Division B of NRC, "National Fire Code of Canada 2005".

Key functions typically included are part of a smoke control system review:
 Confirmation of fire alarm sequence of operation for fan run, stop and auto status.
 Confirmation that required fans turn or off as needed.
 Door opening force measurements to ensure exit doors can be opened without exceeding the maximum values set out in the Building Code
 Pressure differential readings between smoke compartments
 Confirmation that relief vents open as intended
 Review of make-up air run, stop and auto status

Our smoke control testing producers are specially developed to take into account the specific features of each building we review. Our reports are developed to meet the requirement of Section 7.3 of the Ontario Fire Code.