The fire protection of any building is an integral part of the safety of the structure and its occupants. As a business owner, you’re responsible for fire safety. It’s an essential issue for you to address as it affects every individual in your organization.
This guide explains the essential health & safety procedures your business must follow. It’ll help you to understand how to prevent fire risks, as well as provide the appropriate safety precautions.

Health & safety at work fire regulations

It’s your responsibility to look after fire safety if you’re an:
  • Building or facilities manager.
  • Management agent.
  • Risk assessor.
This duty makes you the “responsible person”. What you’ll need to do for fire safety within the workplace is:
  • You have to complete a risk assessment and regularly review it (particularly following any changes or at least annually if there have been no process or layout changes). And carry out more of these on a regular basis.
  • Inform your workforce of any issues you identify.
  • Maintain and monitor your fire safety measures.
  • Plan ahead in the event of an emergency—review your procedure regularly.
  • Ensure your employees have been suitably trained access to information, instructions, and training.
The importance of fire safety at work is it helps to prevent severe injuries, death, and damage to business property. There can be serious legal consequences if you fail make your business safety conscious, so it’s important to ensure you establish an effective process.

Fire safety at work legislation

  • Have a fire risk assessment
  • Provide “appropriate fire-fighting equipment” in the form of fire extinguishers, blankets etc.
  • Place fire safety signs around your business. These should inlcude a Fire Action Notice and an Extinguisher ID.
  • Install fire detection systems.
  • Install emergency lighting in the event normal lights fail.
  • Provide training to all staff and appoint an appropriate number of fire marshals.
Below you can read more on these details, along with other ways to reduce the risk of an incident at your business.

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